Thank you for your participation in the Stocking Spree Rewards Program.
In several weeks, in addition to being able to receive your rewards in the form of mailed Publix gift cards, we will introduce a new Digital Reward option. Don't worry, if you prefer to receive your gift card in the mail, that option is not going away.

While we roll-out these new features this site will have a short "dark period." During this time, you will not be able access your account. This should only be a couple of weeks, so please hold on to your receipts and check back often if you find the site is down.

To meet your needs, we are offering a digital reward option, which you can select and have seamlessly loaded to your Publix Digital Coupon Account. You can use this reward like you do any Publix Digital Coupon, simply by entering the 10-digit phone number, that is associated with your Publix Digital Coupon account on the pin pad at checkout.

To better prepare you for this enhancement here is some additional information:
  • With the enhancement you will be required to reset your password. When you go to log in the next time, our system will prompt you to reset it.
  • To be able to choose the Publix Digital Reward option you MUST have a Publix Digital Coupon account and you will be required to provide the 10-digit phone number associated with your account when selecting the digital reward. We will validate your account during the digital reward selection process to ensure you are loading your reward to a valid account.
  • If you do not have a Publix Digital Coupon account, you can set one up now by clicking here.
  • To ensure you receive the full value of your $10 digital reward, when you enter your 10-digit phone number on the pin pad at check out the reward will only come off of your shopping bill if your total before tax is $10 or more. Your reward will remain in your Publix Digital Coupon account until you purchase $10 worth of goods.

We look forward to your continued participation in the new and improved Stocking Spree Rewards program!